How to Write eBooks for Money

How to Write eBooks for Money

If you are passionate about words but cannot get a publisher to trust your skills, don’t feel disheartened for now you can write as you like in the form of an eBook. What’s even better is that you can make a good fortune writing eBooks, if you know how to master at it. The process is relatively simple, however, not to be taken lightly. Here are is a comprehensive guideline to how you can write eBooks to make money.

  • Discover your niche: –

This is very important stage. If you got this right, the rest should be easy. Talk to yourself. Ask what is it that you would want to express your ideas about. Are you a romantic at heart, or can you craft a suspense story like a pro? Or are you determined to bring a positive change in people’s life through your magical words? Discover your niche so that you can direct your thought-process well. It will also help determine your target audience so that you can connect with them effectively.

  • Draft the central idea: –

Now that you are clear about your niche, gather as much information and ideas that cross your mind, as possible. Create heaps of information, for you never know what might be of help to you. At this stage you are just improving your expertise in the decided niche by gathering knowledge. Blend this knowledge with your personal experience and thought-process to craft the central idea. This would be the theme around which your book shall revolve. It is important to draft a central idea as you would not want to go wayward. That would certainly be a turn-off for the reader.

  • Create a title: –

Title is the first thing that the prospect shall see in your book. Needless to say, it has to be very attractive and catchy. Use positive and impactful words. The title must also give an idea about the genre of the book. A catchy title shall pull a huge amount of readership for your book.

  • Break the content into sub parts: –

Simple though, writing an eBook is not a piece of cake. You need to go systematically about the procedure so as not to mess up. It is best to break the content into sub parts so you have an idea how much time and attention is required for each component. If you have a clear outline you can schedule your book writing process accordingly.  

  • Write the content: –

Niche decided, title created, outline drafted, and now you can set to the task of actual book writing. Don’t rush into the process or get too overwhelmed by the task. Try to stick to your scheduled plan. Give your best to your words. If needed, write in a secluded environment, possibly closer to nature where you can think peacefully. Make sure your content is authentic and non-plagiarized. This is very important to build the much-needed credibility as an author.

  • Editing: –

Once your content is ready, you must check it thoroughly for all sorts of errors. Thankfully software such as the Grammarly help you edit like a pro. For a more accurate editing you can hire the services of a professional editor to make your book flawless.

  • Designing: –

Cover says a lot about the content inside. Every person looks at the title first, then the cover and forms an unshakeable opinion about the book. You certainly would want that to be a good one. If you have a creative instinct designing a cover shall not be much of an issue. However, if you do not master at this skill, better outsource this task to someone who is an expert. Explain the central idea of the book and your objective of writing the book to the designer. It is also important to connect with the target audience through the cover page. Once these things are known to the designer, you can expect a cover that will communicate the intended message to the reader.

  • Formatting: –

Before floating your book onto the market, just go for one last formatting. It is best to check for mistakes as many times as possible before the book is published. Once you have written and formatted the book, have it converted to eBook format. Try to get it formatted in as many ways as there are for eBooks so that you can enjoy highest amount of readership.

  • Sell your eBook: –

Now your book is ready to be sold. But you need to price it rightly. Price reflects a lot about the quality of book. Don’t price it too low to give a not-so-good impression. While, a too high price might not be appropriate for first-time writers. Make sure you price in line with competitors.

To market and promote your book, you can make use of social media. Ask your friends and relatives to post positive reviews and comments about your book. Hence use your writing skills effectively and make money via eBooks.

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